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Vastu Divine Studio is the manifestation of faith and hope in today’s time to strive for completion through Vastu And Allied Sciences by a team of professionals with a vision of a society who is healthy wealthy and wise.
These individuals come from varied backgrounds but with one goal, to share and bring solutions which had been well researched, experienced and applied to many individuals ,groups ,national and internationally.

Vastu Divine Studio India being the country of Gods, Astrology and Vastu are considered as a part of our lives. With the growing awareness we have developed an intellect for logic and validation. People want the authenticity of these vidyas.

VDS steps in here and provide platform for solutions which are not only effective and affordable but also can be validated by scientific instruments to give complete peace of mind.

  • Crystal Healing
    It is a well-known fact that as humans, we respond to colours, light refraction and even when we see
  • Aroma Healing
    The Unique system of vastu corrections and energising solution is through Aroma Healing. ‘Aroma’
  • Yantra and Mantra Healing
    Tantra Mantra Healing refers to the process of therapeutic practice that involves the use of certain
  • Lamafera
    Being one of the effective Healing Techniques in the world, Lama Fera was originally used by the Bud
  • Reki
    If you are curious about Reiki or looking for a practitioner then you’ve come to the right pla

Our Expertise

Vastu consultancy
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Maitri Gupta G.K.- I, New Delhi I have the only daughter studying in class 11 th. In Delhi P
Ritika Gupta G.K.- II, New Delhi I have the only daughter studying in class 11 th. In Delhi P