Aroma Healing

The Unique system of vastu corrections and energising solution is through Aroma Healing. ‘Aroma’ or the pleasant smell can do wonders for humans. Apart from offering an amusing good smell, these fragrances can also help in healing and curing certain ailments in humans.  Natural plant oils have been used for thousands of years for their healing, cleansing, preservative and mood-enhancing properties as well as the pure desire of their fragrances. Aroma healing therapy brings the pure essences of aromatic plants, flowers and resins, to work on the most powerful of the senses- smell and touch- to restore the harmony of body and mind.

The most widely accepted theory suggests that fragrances do their graft by way of the brain. When aromatic molecules pass in the nasal cavity and arouse the odour-sensing nerves, the subsequent impulses are sent to the limbic system–the portion of the brain that’s supposed to be the seat of memory and emotion. Depending on the scent, responsive emotional responses then kick in to exert a calming or energizing effect on the body.

During the course of history, essential oils were popular for the benefits these oils offer to the users.  Many historical accounts show how essential oils were used to protect against viruses, bacteria, and infectious diseases. There are many ways to use these essential oils to get the maximum benefits from their natural aromatherapy benefits. You can rub these oils directly on skin to areas of concern for massage; or diffuse into the air; or inhale from the bottle; and you can also use it to bring flavour to the food and drink or in a capsule as a food supplement.