Crystal Healing

It is a well-known fact that as humans, we respond to colours, light refraction and even when we see the colour of the rainbow. This is not just with humans, but animals are also fascinated by the light that enters their eyes. This further leads to the theory that crystal healing can actually be a powerful yet gentle therapy that works on all points of the body, mind and spirit. Crystals or clear colourful stones have the potential to help all of us in a dedicated way.

Our experts at Vastu Divine Studio will help you discover how to draw in and radiate healing energy specific to each symptom of illness. Crystal healing therapy is a pseudo-scientific substitute medical method that involves the usage of stones and crystals. Believers of the method know that these stones have healing powers, although there is no scientific basis for this claim.

Crystals have been used for healing the body, altering the spirit, stimulating your instinctive awareness, protecting you against destructive vibrations, and regularizing the energy flows of spirit and body. Clear quartz crystals have been used for centuries for their curative properties. Egyptians used them in pyramids to entice the supremacy enclosed in light. Their triangular shapes held spiritual charm. In the Tibetan culture, crystals are considered sanctified objects that are endowed with spiritual powers. Our experts will choose crystals that seem to speak to you or that you feel attracted to for best results. Stones chosen for you will accustom themselves to your ambiences, as you will adapt to the natural vibrations of the crystal.