Being one of the effective Healing Techniques in the world, Lama Fera was originally used by the Buddhist Monks of ancient times. The name of the technique is composed of two words – ‘Lama’, which means Sadhguru, an enlightened guru of either religion and ‘‘fera’’ means the ‘technique of healing’. This type of healing system can help increase spiritual abilities, improve the effectiveness of meditation, relieve pain and discomfort caused by chronic diseases, remove unwanted spirits, ‘cleanse body, overcome fear, anxiety, stress and mental tensions, perk up memory and visualization, and aid reconnection with the higher self.

This type of effective therapy can help in accumulating spiritual abilities, relieve pain and uneasiness caused by chronic disease, removes unwelcome spirits, overcome fear, anxiety, stress and helps you connect with higher self.

Lama Fera is an exceptionally good healing technique particularly for the psychological problems one faces. It is being used for removing the pressure of negative thoughts and increasing the dynamic energy, thus having a most reflective effect on the healing process of any ailment. During the Lama Fera session, you will be asked to lay restfully on the table and to try to relax on both physical and mental level. Unlike other energetic techniques, Lama Fera does not imply touching the patient, and the session follows a precise ritual.

The practitioner will go through a series of techniques, using some specific therapeutic objects, but without touching you at all. You will be able to feel intense relaxation, comforting, relief and inner enlightenment feeling during this treatment