Simple Vastu Tips for Designing Your Kitchen Area

Vastu Tips for Designing Your Kitchen AreaThere is no denying the fact that the kitchen area is an important portion of the entire house. It is the most happening portion of the household where the main task of feeding the entire family takes place. Owing to its importance in the life of individuals, it is important to design the same in a proper manner. This is where the Vastu science steps in. You can inculcate some teachings of the Vastu for Offices  in Delhi to amplify the overall environment of your kitchen. By taking proper considerations of various factors into the kitchen as per the Vastu Shastra, you can bring home endless happiness and prosperity. You can take help from the best Vastu consultants in Delhi for the same. Here are some ways to design your kitchen area as per the science of Vastu:

  • South-East Corner of the Kitchen: The best location of the kitchen as per the best Vastu consultants in Delhi is the south-east side of the home. If in case this corner is not feasible, then you can go for the north-west side of your house as well. The south-east side is the best corner as fire governs this portion of the house that would be excellent for your kitchen location.
  • Placement of the Gas Stove: Gas stove or cooking gas is an essential component of any kitchen as it represents the element of fire. Therefore, it should also be placed in the south-east corner. This, as explained by the Vastu consultancy Delhi , is due to the fact that the person who is cooking must be facing the east direction.
  • Location of the Sink & Taps: The taps and sinks indicate the flow of water and hence, the element of water. The best Vastu consultants in Delhi explain that both water and fire are highly contrasting elements. Therefore, they must be kept far from each other. As such, the sinks and taps in your kitchen must be kept far away from the gas stove area.
  • Location of the Refrigerator: In case you have a refrigerator in the kitchen, then the placement of the same should be in the direction of south-west. The refrigerator should be avoided to be placed in the direction of north-east.
  • Location of Windows & Exhaust Fans: In any kitchen, proper ventilation is vital. As per the science of Vastu Shastra, it is said that the presence of 1-2 windows in any kitchen is a must. The windows or the exhaust fans for expelling hot air from the kitchen should be located in the eastern direction of the kitchen. In case, there are additional ventilators in the kitchen, then they should be located in the south direction.

Now that you are aware of the application of Vastu Shastra in your kitchen area, you can bring happiness, wealth and prosperity into your home with the help of the best Vastu consultants in Delhi. They aim to offer the best Vastu consultancy services in Delhi for ensuring your key to success and happiness.