The turn of life


Experience of Participants

Last Sunday, I attended a workshop conducted by Pretty Sawhnii , called ” Creative Expressions “. It  was so exhilarating & enjoyable that one didn’t want it end. The 6 Hour workshop was fully packed with understanding your emotions, retaining and nurturing healthy emotions and discarding the negative, for the ultimate emotional well being and inner peace. Every effort was made for us to understand our emotions and how to bridge the Gap between our Inner peace and outer material world, which includes our financial, health and relationship status. The workshop was filled with interactive sessions among participants and  made even more interesting with games and role play, provoking the participant to realize their problem themselves and how to deal with them. Surprisingly, most of us seemed to find our answers ourselves.

The workshop was conducted in an extremely comfortable and relaxed atmosphere and space.  I recommend it for all age groups. Adults presently going through emotional issues and for young adults to prepare them to deal with emotional problems as and when they will arise in life.

Pretty is a very sensitive, patient, gentle and an understanding human being and brings along with her a lot of personal experience from her own journey. She is an expert in reaching out to people and is a total professional with a lot of knowledge of the subject. Would love to attend more workshops and programs organized by her.