Vastu Services

We specialize in and are oriented to provide compassionate and complete divine support -counseling and correction to the client who face challenges in field of
3.Relationship and Harmony.
4.Personal Growth.

VDS believes in 360-degree holistic approach toward making life comfortable for the clients, who had braved rough patch of life. Hence we offer following bespoke support based on diagnose and assessment of the client as well as premises.

1.Selection of plot or building.
2.Vastu recommendations for proposed layout.
3.Energy analysis of the present or proposed building.
4.Detection of blocks in energy flow.
5.Geopathic Stress, Black energies.
7.Energizing the spaces.

1.Alternative Healing .
2.Awareness and Acceptance.
3.Heal Your Life Trainings.
4.Emotional Quotient Improvement.

Benefits of Vastu Shastra

Vastu shastra is said to be about four or five thousand years old. Mention of Vastu is found in Stapatya Veda which is a part of Atharva Veda. Earlier the knowledge was limited to the architects who built palaces and homes. However, with time this knowledge slowly spread and today Vastu Shastra has become an important part of people’s lives who like to have their homes planned according to the rules mentioned. Not everyone has the accurate knowledge of Vastu and care should be taken before hiring Vastu consultants services in Delhi there are some well-known Vastu advisers who help people in making their homes perfect.

Here are some benefits of Vastu Shastra that help families to have a peaceful and comfortable life:

There is nothing extraordinary that Vastu promises however, it does offer comfort and contentment at times of pain and distress. It offers strength so that one may have the ability to stand strong despite the many problems in the world. Any building or home that has been designed in accordance with the principles of Vastu and calculations of ‘ayadi’ (With exact calculations of ayadi there will be more receiving and less energy spending) will have a three way impact on the people who are residing in the home – emotional or psychological, physical and spiritual.

Emotional or Psychological:

It enriches the relations both externally and inwardly, helps in create happiness/comfort/good fortune and unravels all forms of tension.


When the space, ventilation, colour etc. are all taken care of through the Vastu way there is an automatic sense of physical comfort as the utilities of the home have been made to use conveniently.


When it comes to spiritual aspects here is what the Vastu architectural design lets an individual enjoy:Benefits of Vastu Shastra

  • Happy and healthy frame of mind
  • Creative thoughts and a crystal clear mind
  • Peace of mind
  • The power to make right decisions and solve problems instantly
  • Always energetic
  • Peaceful sleep that helps in feeling refreshed always
  • An alert mind and reinvigorated feeling all through the day

Vastu Shastra explains us the technique of construction and how one could benefit from what nature has to offer us so that our lives are convenient and safe. One should remember that the body of a human being is made up of five elements – earth, fire, water, air and space. Nature on the other hand also comprises and is made up of these five elements. Thus having Vastu implemented in our homes helps us co-ordinate with these elements and use their natural power to make our lives easy and comfortable.

Vastu Shastra helps in identifying problems such as downfall in business, physical diseases, mental pain and it also offers remedies for them through directions by bringing about small changes in our routine lives.

It is a complex study and it is important that you carefully pick a Vastu guide. There are many Vastu Consultants in Delhi who offer their services however, it is best that you selected the one who has good reviews and is a known person in his area.

Get Your Best Vastu Ideas With Best Consultants

Why Chose Vastu Shastra?

Best Vastu Ideas With Best ConsultantsIn the last couple of decades, people have in fact started to use Vastu Shastra for betterment of their lifestyle. They have started to believe in the concept that it can certainly benefits person to lead a life without obstacles.Vastu Shastra is intended to draw the positive celestial energy in the lives of people in order to help them achieve success in whatever good work they do in their life. It equilateral the five basic elements, including water, earth, fire, sky and air,with the construction of the building and the person living in or using that building.As a result, Vastu consultancy assists people by enhancing their life by planning their building structures as per the rules of the Vastu Shastra.

Ultimate Goal of Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is considered as a scientific concept where a well-educated Top Vastu Shastra consultant aids populaces build a friendly family and workplace surroundings, where they can achievepsychicwel fare, superior well being, prosperity, success, and contentment. The guidelines are very important in Vastu Shastra, that are needed to be managed according to the requirements of every individual person.

Vastu ShastraThe Vastu Consultants help you with your issues by providing you with stress-free and real-world resolutions that  be arranged to make your house free of Vastu Dosh. They also help you for the complications associated with well-being, prosperity, occupation, matrimony, education, business and many more.They offer services for residential, commercial, industrial, and remedial purposes.

Services offered by Vastu Consultants

The Vastu Consultancy Services offer a variety of services for their clients like to select an appropriate land or building structure,Vastu commendations for architectural design,  analysis of energy flow at the building or plot, refinement of negative energy spaces. The Vastu Consultancy services study all the details and specifications of the residential or commercial building and conduct an in-depth research to identify the problems and offer optimal solutions.

They also offer their services to those who are preparing to procure a new building for personal or business use or those who have acquired a building on lease. These consultancies come with a squad of the finest and well-educated professionals in Vastu Shastra. They help with on-scene consultation, email consultation for long distance purpose, resolving Vastu related doubts and questions, evaluation of Vastu dosh of your existing properties etc.

How to contact?

With the wide means of communication available, you can use the modern technologies and methods to connect using landline phones,  mobile lines,  messaging services,  email, chatting apps, video calling, etc.. Arrival of accessible technology has made it conceivable to chat and look from one corner to the other corner of the world and offer precise consultation effectively and efficiently.

A structure built on the basis of Vastu guidelines will assuredly bring the positive energy in your life. Nowadays, prominent property buyers or developers are using the services of Vastu consultants. It attracts the buyers to acquire the property built on the basis of Vastu Shastra. If you are always feeling strains and lack of enthusiasm in life, then you can look for the information of a Vaastu consultant  as they can bring pleasure and riches in your life.

Top Vastu Tips to Keep Your Garden Blissful

Vastu Tips to Keep Your Garden BlissfulDesigning the garden of your home? Gardens are the most overlooked areas of the home when it comes to making it Vastu compliant. While making our homes, most of us tend to focus on the specific rooms and interiors for making them Vastu-friendly. However, your garden can play a vital role in determining the flow of wealth and prosperity into your home. Therefore, the ancient science of Vastu Shastra recommends homeowners to make use of effective Vastu tips to ensure happiness in their homes. You can avail the best Vastu Shastra Services to ensure the same.

Vastu in Garden

The practice of the ancient science of Vastu Shashtra in the urban houses can change the lifestyle of individuals on a positive note in a significant manner. The concepts of Vastu Shastra regarding plants and their plantation as explained by our Vastu Shastra consultant should be kept in mind to ensure the flow of good notions and happiness into your home.

As per the general Vastu rule for the homes and factories, the garden should always be made in the North or West direction. The garden should always be present within the confinement of the house boundaries. It is better to avoid the South-east and the South-West directions for designing your garden. If you happen to be living in some multi-storey building or apartments, then having trees like Coconut, Ashok, Ashapala, Kanakchampa, and Smabhaloo are ideal for planting within the complex or campus of your apartment garden. These plants can be planted in the West and North directions of the campus.

In addition to this, our expert Vastu Shastra Consultant explains the following Vastu tips for the gardens:

  • A Basil plant tends to have a highly positive effect when planted within the limits of the house.
  • Peepal, Madhuka, and Bilva are also some of the plants that can be highly favorable to the house environment when planted in the West direction of the house compound.
  • Panas and Goolar trees are favorable towards the South direction of the house limits.
  • Kanakchampa tree in the north direction ensures the flow of wealth and happiness into the house.
  • Banana and coconut plants are highly favorable in the premises of house garden as per Vastu science to ensure physical and mental well-being.
  • A water pond in the garden with some lotus plants also forms the Vastu essential to ensure success and wealth into your home.
  • There should not be the presence of any large plant towards the center of the garden.
  • Thorny or succulent plants should not be grown within the house limits. Cacti are not considered favorable for the house environment as per the Vastu concepts.
  • The Ber plant should not be implanted in your house garden as it tends to infuse enmity into the house environment. Even plants of bamboo should not be grown in the house garden.

Get expert Vastu help and suggestions from the best Vastu Shastra Services in Delhi!

Choose the Right Colors for Your Home as Per Vastu Shastra

Colors tend to have an inspiring effect on our lives. The varied combination of colors has the power to affect our moods, create certain illusions and set an atmosphere of peace and happiness in the house. for decades and centuries, the science of Vastu Shastra has played a vital role in determining the parameters that could bring success, wealth, and prosperity to one’s home. In addition to the location and various factors related to the science of Vastu Shastra, the colors in the house too are considered to be very auspicious.

If you need assistance with decorating your home the Vastu-friendly way, then you can take help of the Famous Vastu consultants in Delhi. Here are some of the colors and their meaning as per the Vastu Shastra:


  • Blue: This is considered to be the color of spring as well as new beginnings in life. Therefore, as per the Vastu Shastra, the blue color is considered extremely beneficial for the bedrooms and meditation areas of the house. Blue represents the natural elements like the sky and water. It, therefore, signifies tranquility, beauty, calmness, mercy, truth, and devotion. However, you should avoid having too much blue in the house as it would lead to cold, cough and similar health issues.
  • Red: This is a bold color. Red is used to represent lust, bravery, passion, emotions, warmth, and energy. The nature of the red color is stimulating and active. You can make use of the red color at places in the home that would require warmth and energy. The puja room can be the best location in your house to make use of some red shades. You must never use in bedrooms as it might come with invigorating qualities.
  • Green: Green represents nature. It is used to signify traits like relaxation, healing, positive energy, prosperity, rebirth and so more. As green is the color of healing, therefore, you would observe in most of the hospitals and wellness centers. The green shade in your home environment also brings down one’s temper and keeps the surroundings cool. Therefore, if you have a short-tempered member at your house, then you can make use of the green shades in some areas of your home. The green color can be made use of in the study rooms for maintaining the calm.
  • White: The white color represents cleanliness, purity, innocence, simplicity, and luxury. You would find several celebrity homes clad in entire white shades. You must ensure that the whole ceiling of your house is painted white. You can also make use of the white shade in the north-west corner of your bedroom as it also represents privacy and intimacy.
  • Yellow: This color represents happiness and optimism. You can bring in shades of yellow to your home to ensure wealth and prosperity. People who are suffering from behavioral issues can make use of yellow color in their surroundings to balance their behavior.

If you wish to make the best use of Vastu tips, then take help from the Best Vastu Shastra Expert in Delhi.

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