Vastu Shastra Consultant

maxresdefaultWhile every Vastu Shastra Consultant would claim to be the best and have the best knowledge about this ancient science of construction, one should try and pick the best based on research. Although there is no one best than an expert who actually examines the place of construction and determines what should be made where, here is a quick list that will tell you where to place the main type of rooms at your home.

Before Construction:

You are going to build a home and it here that you will spend most of your time other than office. It is a new beginning for you and performing a small blessing of the land before beginning the construction is something wise to do. This is an auspicious occasion and is best that you thank the heavenly powers and ask for their blessings for what you are about to begin so there is no obstruction with the construction.

Entrance of the House:

Having entrance in the east or the north-east direction will bring a lot of positive energy into your home. It is the direction of new beginnings as the sun rises in this direction. West shouldn’t be the choice of direction nor the south.


having a kitchen in the south-east of the house is most beneficial for a home. Avoid making a kitchen towards the east, north and south. Also while you are cooking it would be best if you did it while facing the east.


For the well-being of the family members and from health point of view a washroom should always be located towards the north-west of the room or home. Having toilets in the north and east are not recommended as they are auspicious locations. One should also not have any toilet which is next to the kitchen or place of worship.

Living Room:

A living is best situated in the east or north. It can also face north east. Placing aquariums here in the living room are quite beneficial just remember to place it towards the east, north or north-east of that particular living room.

Master Bedroom:

A master bedroom is bigger than the other bedrooms and should be towards the south-west of the home. There will be stability in the home. Sleeping towards the north is not recommended as the body behaves as a magnet with the head in the North Pole and earth repels it, causing stress while sleeping. Other directions work well for sleeping. Some Vastu consultants may also ask you not to sleep with your legs facing towards the east as it is the direction of deities. Master bedrooms should be square and rectangular in shape.

Although there is a lot of knowledge about Vastu and directions on the internet it is best that you take the help of an expert personally to reap the best results. Consult the best Vastu Shastra Expert in Delhi so you can have your home built and designed in accordance with the best practices of Vastu.